Getting started with writing

One of the most important goals for my 2021 was start writing, no matters where or what... my idea is start to preparing me to write posts here in my blog about what I love to do and learn: technology. So for that the idea of rebuild my website and blog began to be a goal too, and there I understood that should be my unique goal of the goals of the year, because I know me and rebuild my personal website always starts with a massive storm of ideas, thinking in the meme: do all the things.

I decided to split the goals and start moving forward, the first one: One strict goal, this will be: create the website and the blog before the 2021 ends and this is the proof of the achieve on this, yup... in the deadline 🔥

The second one: the hardest and more challenging part, create content or basically: writes. I decided to start with just drafts and adopt the idea of start continuously thinking about what I want to share or what I want to say in a blog entry. For that I will require a tool or a place to write, but I will not cover here the tools and the strategy to always creates content, but for sure in the future I will share more thoughts about that topic.

Finally, we have the blog and here we are posting content! 🥲


2021's thaugth me something important: Decisions are just that, decisions. Are not bad decisions or good decisions, you are just making decisions all the time and some times that resolves in good or bad decisions, and you always will be part of that success or failure. So just make it. Make it informed, make it conscious and make it with or without fear.

En el 2015 me lancé a la piscina/pileta de @Globant, hoy es mi último día y sin duda soy otro, ahora soy un Glober por el mundo! Once Glober, Always Glober. Gracias @guibert y @migoya por construir tan lindo lugar para crecer y hacer amigos! Nos vemos 👋
En el 2015 me lancé a la piscina/pileta de @Globant, hoy es mi último día y sin duda soy otro, ahora soy un Glober por el mundo!

Once Glober, Always Glober.

Gracias @guibert y @migoya por construir tan lindo lugar para crecer y hacer amigos! Nos vemos 👋

This was a huge decision... I thinking on it for mmm... 2 or 3 months, nothing simple to have it in mind so much time. At the end I just said to myself: Can go wrong? Yes... Can go great? Yes... So... the decision is jump or not jump to the pool.

Finally I jumped, just for the experience of seeing where I was in my career and how much I had learned so far to start from scratch. An amazing journey, and yes, I will not cover here more details of the experience, but follow me to know where I share it the details in this blog.

Hello Soccer ⚽️, hello streaming 📺

One of my favorite technologies in software is the streaming of video and audio, in fact one of the things I did when I start learning technology in my early days was streaming audio in a "radio" with my friends, in these days where admin/admin in a SHOUTCast server was the way to streaming your own radio station online.

2021's in some perspective, for me, was the year of the soccer, not playing it... streaming it.

The first photo I take at WarnerMedia
The first photo I take at WarnerMedia

I started in WarnerMedia as Digital Ops Manager for streaming platforms in LatAm, that means I was related to all the streaming in the region of LatAm, specially live streaming and in this soccer games are the main produced content. Was the year for UEFA Champions League on HBO Max, TNT Sports Mexico openings and move to the next level TNT Sports Chile. What a year!

Fun fact... I never play soccer in my life, 'cause that I'm not a follower of soccer as game/hobby or anything else. Well... I played it one time, so many years ago...

The proof of me playing soccer for the first and last time
The proof of me playing soccer for the first and last time

Streaming is about content and when the streaming is live shows the reliability are on the center of everything. For this, have numbers about your platform is the key, on this I started understanding more about Observability, the name for one thing I discussed a lot of times with colleagues in past projects: Have one source of truth with business an technical vision together, to understand what's happing from business perspective and answer it from a technical view.

I'm in love with observability, and yes, I will write about this, my experience, and what I think our companies and products should start doing it, because is more than just numbers, is about User Experience too.

Observability and share in community

Since 2020 I decided to start gave talks in public, epic moment to do it BTW. I started online, adding new challenges about talk to thousand of people you can't see. Since there, this is a constant goal for all the years: Talk at least in one public conference, no matter where and what.

For this year, Observability was the topic I decide to share in talks, with the idea of start introducing people about what is happening there, and what is this new flashy word to talk about metrics and dashboards means.

Two conferences receiving me with my talk: WebConf LATAM from Codear and Reliable Web Summit, the first one was a talk full in Spanish and the second one fully English, I love the opportunity to share the same content in two different languages, specially an introductory talk!

I create a section dedicated for talks here, please join and enjoy the video of this talks and more. Go /talks to see more

Ending 2021 in one word: reignite

Reignite, this word began to ring in my head the last month, I think 2021 is that year in my life about changes, challenges at work and decisions.

After almost a year at WarnerMedia, I decided to leave this job to reignite in some way in 2022 with other perspective of industries, state of technology (at least on media and entertainment) and personally as professional.

The reason this time is simpler than earlier, pandemic teach us about mental health and happiness and how this is relevant for everyone, no matter what you do as professional or in your personal life.

So... one last selfie before reignite again 📸

The last photo I take at WarnerMedia
The last photo I take at WarnerMedia

And... one first photo again 📸

Here we go again: Hello Globant!
Here we go again: Hello Globant!

Yes, after a few months of decide what will be my next step, I decided to back into Globant, because I think here will be the place where I can help more the communities in LatAm and raise us new possibilities for everyone and obviously I think this is the best next step for my career. This was not a easy decision to make, but it's a decision and I'm happy to have taken it 😃

The road ahead!

I'm happy about my 2021 progress, there's a lot of lessons learned, and I think that's what let us growth as professional and humans. As I said: Decisions are just that, decisions; and definitively my 2021 was a year of decisions.

I hope 2022 will be more than a copy -in a sad joke- of 2020, I hope this year change against the pandemic in the entire world, because we need it as humans that move forward for the healthy of everyone.

More writing? Sure... I have a few books for this year to help me on different things and one of them is "Everybody writes" of Ann Handley, I hope that book for real help me to write better content.

Books for 2022, from right to left: to be read and what I'm already read it
Books for 2022, from right to left: to be read and what I'm already read it

In technology, I'm very happy of what I did it with this blog, serverless services and JAMStack are very powerful and I think that will be the main topic I start sharing it with communities and in this blog.

Thanks for reading, and have a great 2022! 🎉🎊

Cover photo by Markus Winkler - via Unsplash