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Building web experiences since 2006

This is me in the real life.
This is me in the real life.

Hey! I'm Iván Olivares Rojas. I formally started as a webmaster software developer back in 2006, working in PHP and HTML5 in that web 2.0 of the old times.

In my career I've had the privilege of working at advertising agencies, start-ups, a consultant of professional services in technology and a world-wide corporation in media and entertainment, in all of them I had the opportunity to work with amazing people, designing and operating software for millions of consumers.

My main focus these days is Lead and Manage engineering teams at Globant where I am Technical Manager, helping different clients reinvent themselves to create a way forward and unleash their potential.

I love being part of communities and create new ones to learn and help others to start in technology, sometimes I write some thoughts, ideas or just about tech and sometimes I talk about that topics too.

More about me and history

I love to build things that live on the internet. My interest in web development started back in 2002, when I started to learn HTML & CSS together with PHP, using phpBB and vBulletin to build deconstruct forums and creates dynamic Web 2.0 sites. In 2006 I started building websites and software as a professional, so... officially I've been building the web since 2006.

I previously worked as a Digital Operations Manager operating reliable streaming services and managing teams around one of the biggest companies of media and entertainment: WarnerMedia.

I'm specialized in front-end / UI technologies, but in my background I have much experience working with platforms in high-concurrency of users consuming web services and APIs, even in streaming of audio and video.

Updating Spotify info...

I believe in adoption as a way to help other living beings change their lives for the better. In 2021 I adopted Pompa🐶 with who we began a entire journey of new adventures, walks and travels. Follow her adventures on instagram!

Finally, I'm always looking for opportunities to give back to communities that helped me become who I am today, through mentorships, open source, speaking at meetups/conference or organizing events to learn together and help new generations to learn about technology. When I don't have an interesting side hustle to be focused on, surely I'm thinking of how to contribute to this important purpose: teaching and helping others to grow. If you want to talk about this, you can schedule a call here and/or invite me for coffee.


These days

This moment in history is currently a WIP (Work in Progress).


I returned to Globant 🚀 💻

After almost 1 year in the streaming world, history repeats itself again but this time with WarnerMedia, I decided to return to Globant to face new challenges, this time with renewed experiences and a whole set of ideas for this next stage.


Spoke at WebConf LATAM 2021 🎤

After years of dashboards and months of reading and listening about Observability, I decided to create the talk "Observability 101: Monitoring your app is not about devops". An overview to understand observability and why we are all part of monitoring.

I adopted Pompa 🐶

My partner for walks, trips, adventures and more than one movie or series during the confinement in the COVID-19 pandemic. Without a doubt my new best friend!

I started at WarnerMedia 🎬 💻

After almost 6 years at Globant, I decided to take the challenge of starting from scratch in charge of WarnerMedia LATAM's streaming platforms and products, with a focus on Chile. No doubt a great challenge for my career as a leader.

Spoke at Globant Tech Talks 🎤

Core Web Vitals, is what we all read in 2020 when it came to web performance, I decided to create a talk called: Web Performance 101 in 2021, because it was worth organizing the information and understanding that it was a time in technology where everything was evolving.

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