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About me

Me - Iván Olivares Rojas

Hello! My name is Iván Olivares Rojas and I love to build things that live on the internet. My interest in web development started back in 2002, when I started to learn HTML & CSS together with PHP, using phpBB and vBulletin to build deconstruct forums and creates dynamic Web 2.0 sites. In 2006 I started building websites and software as a professional, so... officially I've been building the web since 2006.

Fast-forward to today, I've had the privilege of working at advertising agencies, start-ups, a consultant of professional services in technology and a huge corporation. My main focus these days is operating reliable streaming services and managing teams around one of the biggest companies of media and entertainment: WarnerMedia, here I work as a Digital Operations Manager.

I previously worked as a Software Architect at Globant for different projects/clients, where I had the opportunity to work with amazing people, designing software for big corporations in different industries such as marketing, e-commerce and airlines.

I'm specialized in front-end / UI technologies, but in my background I have much experience working with platforms in high-concurrency of users consuming web services and APIs, even in streaming of audio and video.

My usual hobbies are enjoying new adventures with Pompa 🐶 walking or traveling, taking new photos of buildings or people, and listening to podcast or music on Spotify and also in vinyl - yes, you can get me one here.

Finally, I'm always looking for opportunities to give back to communities that helped me become who I am today, through mentorships, open source, speaking at meetups/conference or organizing events to learn together and help new generations to learn about technology. When I don't have an interesting side hustle to be focused on, surely I'm thinking of how to contribute to this important purpose: teaching and helping others to grow. If you want to talk about this, you can schedule a call here and/or invite me for coffee.

Here are a few technologies I've been working with recently:

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