Hi and welcome againg, here we go again. Like I said before, this is my new blog... to be honest, this is just another blog.

Just another blog, but created from scratch by me with lots of hours of code and techs. If you want to know more about this code go to the repo, is open source and free to fork and collaborate 🙃

To be honest, this 2021 I had as a personal goal to code this site and blog, and it wasn't until now December that I started the redesign and the second stage with blog included that I finished clearly today December 31.

Was it achieved? Maybe yes, maybe no... but the blog is here!

Multilanguage from scratch

One of the motivations to build this from scratch, besides fun, is to learn more about MDX, an interesting technology to create content.

I added a challenge to this: Build a multi-language website, to start creating and sharing content world-wide (English content) but in spanish too (my native language). Two motivations on this: Open my thoughts, ideas, opinions to internet-wide, but also for those who are just starting out in technology and don't know enough English yet.

So... it's time to start with the blog again, but for real. This time without promises, we will check it with facts, or better: posts!

Son las 0:00. ¡Bienvenidx al mundo del mañana!

So... The year is over, see you in the 2022!

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